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Product Description :
It is an 18 days program mainly focusing on the Individuals eagerness to learn Robotics and Embedded systems through Distance Education. Any individual with no prior knowledge of robotics, electronics, and coding can take up this course and learn to build 30 different projects, as each of those concepts is taught from scratch.They will get a chance to expand their knowledge in the field of Designing, Construction, Operation, and Application of Robot and Embedded systems with real-time hands-on practical experience.
After completion of the Learning Section, the Individual will have complete knowledge of Robotics and Embedded systems. All of these @ just Rs 2999/- (Rs100/- per project) 

Projects to be done....
Projects without using microcontroller (Using Basic Electronics)
Path follower
Obstacle follower
Obstacle avoider
Edge avoider
Gamming pad controlled robot
Projects using microcontroller (Using Embedded C)
Blinking of LED, Toggling of LED's, Switch controlled LED's
DC motors controlling
Line follower robot
Obstacle follower robot
Obstacle avoider robot
Edge  avoider robot
Dancing robot
RGB LED interface
Traffic signal system
Disco light system
Computer controlled robot
Computer controlled LED system
Reading data from joystick
Joystick controlled LED's
Joystick controlled robot
Reading data from Potentiometer
Steering controlled robot
Reading controlled from accelerometer
Intelligent gesture controlled wheelchair
Reading data from LDR
Photophobic robot
Phototropic robot
Smart lighting system
Potentiometer controlled RGB LED
Color sensing robot

Concepts Covered :
Introduction to robotics
Introduction to AVR microcontrollers
Embedded C
ADC (Analog to Digital conversion)
UART communication

Contents :
Video tutorials
Software's, drivers and installation guides
Data sheets
Notes to all projects for easy understanding
Basic experiments to understand important concepts

Components List :
CD package
IR sensors
L293D motor driver (with IC)
Castor wheel
DC BO wheels
Jumper wires
ATmega16 development board
ATmega 16 IC
7805 IC (Voltage regulator)
Screw driver
9V battery snap
9V battery
ISP programmer
Serial communication module
Long L clamp
Short L clamp
6 pin connector
and misc.... 

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