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L298 motor driver module, using ST's L298N chip can directly drive two DC motors, convenient to control the speed and direction of the DC motor can also control the 2-phase stepper motor, making it the smart car essential modules.


  • Onboard L298N dual H-bridge DC motor driver chips.
  • Board 78M05 power regulator chip, can provide a stable working voltage to L298N can not be enabled when the the VS voltage less than 7V, 78M05, W1 can be of a short jumper, this time VS = VSS, VS voltage exceeds 7V, disconnect W1, when the chips VSS 78M05 buck output voltage of 5V supply.
  • Onboard control direction indicator, power indicator.
  • L298N related pins are leads and marked.
  • PCB board size: 43 (mm) x 57 (mm)

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