Here Onwards Himesh Reddivari Technologies Also Termed As Module143

We ship orders as soon as possible, soon and only after we receive the complete payment.

Typically items in stock, are shipped within the next 8 business hours.

However, items not in stock can take anywhere between 1 to 100 days to ship depending on the status of design, production or publication, or delivery of the items from the manufacturer, importer or exporter, publisher etc. Customers are expected to check the status of items and contact us in case the items are in "pre-order" or "out-of-stock" status to get a better picture of the delivery timelines.

Despite whatever we may say, there always can be situations beyond our control, when delivery won't be possible as planned or communicated. We cannot be held responsible for any losses arising out of such delays.


Normal shipping transit times vary between 1 to 3 business days in India, and 5 to 30 days from country to country, depending on the shipping method used, customs delay etc etc.

Domestic shipping is weight-based and starts at Rs 30 for least weight, local delivery items. International shipping is also weight-based and starts at Rs 100 (roughly $2).

Unless clearly specified during checkout, your shipping method(s) do not come with any kind of insurance. For insuring your delivery item(s) against theft, loss, or damage, please choose the method of shipment which indicates insurance as included: generally marked as "Insured". Replacement of lost/damaged items that are not insured is solely at the description of  Module143.

We have strategic tie-ups with various shipping agencies like FedEx, DTDC, TPC, IPS-EMS and adding more options soon. 

For further clarifications please contact us.
Why do we NOT have free shipping : (even at higher order values)
 Module143 does not have, nor will ever have free shipping. Free shipping is a myth. Shipping is always paid for, and its from the consumers pocket, one way or the other. Honestly, free shipping is actually an indication of huge cushions and margins in pricing. Nevertheless consumers often fall for it. 
Remember if the product comes with free shipping, it includes shipping costs. And if you are buying 10 quantities of the product, you are actually paying 10x the shipping, whereas shipping seldom gets charged that way by logistics companies. Globally, shipping gets cheaper per unit, with increasing volumes and weight. And that is how we have tried to keep it in Module143.