12V Battery
Description :Used in Communication Equipments, Fire & Security Systems, Medical Equipments, Elec..
9V Battery
Description :9V batteries are multi purpose batteries ideal for reliably powering everyday devices t..
9V Battery Snap
Description :9V Battery snap clip used to connect with any 9V battery.Specification :Made of soft ma..
Breadboard 170 Tie Points
DescriptionIt is a great kit to new Arduino users and geeks who have sparkling ideas. You can choose..
Breadboard 400 Tie Points High Quality
DescriptionBreadBoard-400T is a Transparent solderless (plug-in) breadboard. The transparent breadbo..
Breadboard 840 Tie Points
DescriptionThis is a half-size solderless breadboard with 400 tie points. It has a standard double-s..
Breadboard 840 Tie Points High Quality
DescriptionSolderless Breadboard withh 400 tie point. It has 2 power buses, 10 columns, and 30 rows...
Breadboard Power Supply Module MB102 | 3.3 V and 5 V row needle leads
DescriptionThe MB102 is a breadboard power supply module manufactured by the YwRobot Corporation in ..
Desoldering Pump
DescriptionThe GSM-AUTO is a GSM remote control switch, it connects to the cell phone network and li..
Desoldering Wick
Glue Gun
DescriptionGENERAL Gun Temperature-140:200, Melt Viscosity-High, Type-Corded Glue Gun, Glue Sticks I..
Glue Stick
IR Remote
DescriptionThis modules decodes the remote key commands and send the data at the 10 bit output or th..
Jumper Wires F to F
Description40 Pin color dupont line Length: 20CM 1p-1p pin male to Female , female to female, male t..
Jumper Wires M to F
DescriptionSet of 3x40 jumper wire set. Includes 40 pieces of Male to Male wires. 40 pieces of Male ..
Jumper Wires M to M
DescriptionSet of 3x40 jumper wire set. Includes 40 pieces of Male to Male wires. 40 pieces of Male ..
Soldering Flux
DescriptionThe RMA-223 is a high viscosity no-clean flux, it can be used for PCB, BGA, PGA reworking..
Soldering Iron
DescrptionA real stand with sponge and double spring prevents your iron from 'rolling away' or burni..
Soldering Stand
DescriptionThis product is made up of a magnifying glass, double arm, set of pliers, iron stand. Qua..
Soldering Wire
DescriptionThis is a reel of high quality 22 gauge soldering wire of weight around 50 gms. It contai..
USB Micro - B Cable
DescriptionGood for charging mobile phone, connecting and powering Raspberry Pi, ..
USB Mini - B Cable
DescriptionThese fully rated Mini-USB cables provide transfer rates up to 480Mbpsand easily attach t..
USB Type - B Cable
DescriptionThis USB 2.0 male to DC 5.5*2.1 mm plug adapter has 2*12 pure copper cord frame ideal for..
Wire Stripper
DescriptionThis wire cutter and stripper is for use in installation, repairing and experiments. It w..
Wires Multi Strand
DescriptionThis pack contains 5 wires of different commonly used colors (black, red, yellow, green a..
Wires Single Strand
DescriptionThis is a pack of single strand 22 gauge wire, perfect for prototyping on breadboard.This..
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